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What is Aura Cacia? – Founded in 1982, Aura Cacia is a manufacturer that has been providing the highest quality essential oil and skin care products made from pure botanical ingredients. Each Aura Cacia essential oil is sustainably sourced and contains no synthetic fragrances, colors and are paraben free. All essential oils are rigorously tested for purity, and select essential oils may be certified Fair Trade or USDA organic.

Essential Oils Aura Cacia

If you are looking for quality essential oil, Aura Cacia has been a leading industry name for over 30 years. Aura Cacia sells a wide selection of essential oils, including these popular products:

Aura Cacia Tea Tree Oil
Made from pure Melaleuca alternifolia, this tea tree essential oil is used as a natural purifier that can work to safeguard your body and your environment.

Aura Cacia Sandalwood
Sandalwood Aura Cacia pure essential has a distinct balsamic, woodsy aroma that has been traditionally used to help promote spiritual insight and emotional stability.

Aura Cacia Peppermint Oil
As one of the most popular oils, Aura Cacia’s pure peppermint essential oil has a fresh, minty, aroma that has been reported to leave users feeling refreshed.

Aura Cacia Patchouli
This 100% pure patchouli essential oil has a rich, earthy aroma and is commonly blended with sweet almond oil to moisturize and repair dry skin.

Aura Cacia Lemon Oil
This sweet-scented lemon essential oil is extracted from the peels of fresh, Italian lemons. Available in a variety of sizes, the 0.25 fl. oz. container is USDA certified organic.

Aura Cacia Lavender Oil
Used primarily in aromatherapy, lavender essential oil is one of the most popular Aura Cacia aromatherapy products. Diffusing just a couple drops may help users feel calm, relaxed, and refreshed.

Aura Cacia Helichrysum Oil
Helichrysum essential oil is known for its herbaceous and honey-like aroma, and is commonly used as a balm for many skin issues and blemishes.

Aura Cacia Grapefruit Oil
Sourced from within the USA, grapefruit essential oil has a particularly refreshing, citrusy aroma and is typically combined with other fragrant herbs, such as lavender and peppermint.

Aura Cacia Frankincense Oil
Frankincense, or Boswellia sacra, has been used in perfumes and incense since time thousands of years. Used in creams and oils to fight the aging process in skin, frankincense oil has a pleasantly sweet and balsamic aroma.

Aura Cacia Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus essential oil has a unique, penetrating fragrance and is commonly used in products that treat the common cold, as well as in skin care salves.

Aura Cacia Products

Aura Cacia products

With a diverse range of bath and shower products, users can enjoy the soothing properties of cedarwood essential oil in an Aura Cacia mineral bath.

Aura Cacia offers a diverse range of natural health products including aromatherapy accessories, massage creams and essential oils mists. For users looking to diffuse essential oils, the AuraCacia brand offers ultrasonic, USB, or traditional Aura Cacia diffuser options.

Bring the relaxing spa atmosphere home with Aura Cacia shower tablets, Aura Cacia bath salts or Aura Cacia mineral baths. Aura Cacia foam bath products come in a variety of soothing fragrances, including travel packs and a kid-friendly line.

Take your aromatherapy regimen on the go with Aura Cacia mist, vital essential oil mixes that are convenient and portable.

For those looking for the highest quality products, organic Aura Cacia essential oils are available in a number of different fragrances. Aura Cacia organic essential oils are UDSA certified organic and can be paired with USDA certified organic carrier oils.

Carrier Aura Cacia Oils

Aura Cacia oils aren’t limited to just essential oil extracts, they also carry a wide range of carrier oils.

Aura Cacia sweet almond oil is a carrier oil useful for all skin care essential oil mixes. Another versatile skin care carrier oil is Aura Cacia jojoba oil, which is available separately or pre-mixed with a variety of essential oils.

Great for massages and maintaining a healthy complexation, Aura Cacia grapeseed oil has been reported to help improve skin firmness and correct oily skin. As one of the most popular carrier oils, Aura Cacia grapeseed oil is available in sizes up to 1 gallon. As good for the hair as it is for the skin, Aura Cacia rosehip oil may be used to nourish the body or as an aromatic carrier for any Aura Cacia pure essential oil.

Aura Cacia Where to Buy

As one the leaders in essential oil and aromatherapy products, finding out where to buy Aura Cacia essential oils is simple and convenient. For online shopping, users can either purchase Aura Cacia products from their website or take advantage of shopping on Amazon, which offers hassle-free shipping. Amazon is a convenient way to purchase Aura Cacia oil, aromatherapy, and natural health products.

Based in the USA, all Aura Cacia aromatherapy, essential oil, carrier oils, and related products can be found in natural health stores nation wide. The Aura Cacia website also features a store locator for customer convenience.

For customers who live outside of the United States, you can still find Aura Cacia products in store.

Aura Cacia Canada – Frontier Natural Products Co-op retails north of the border, stocking natural health stores nation wide.

Aura Cacia Singapore – Various physical and online retailers offer Aura Cacia products in the South Pacific, notable storefronts include Aromatherapy.sg, Biovea.com/sg/ and iherb.com.