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    butterfly express essential oils

    Butterfly Express

    Based in southeastern Idaho is a quaint town known by the name of Clifton. There is a strong community vibe in this town and it is this close-knit atmosphere that has contributed so immensely to Butterfly Express Essential Oils’ achievements since the company was founded 22 years ago. The founder, LaRee Westover, set up the company with a helping hand from her daughter, Valaree Sharp.

    The idea stemmed from their desire to supply others with natural remedies that would be both affordable and 100% free from chemicals. Butterfly Essential Oils took off almost immediately after the first batch of oils were created and bottled, with word-of-mouth advertising from local brand advocates propelling Butterfly Express oils to the next level of success.

    As demand grew, so did the demand for staff. Phones started ringing more frequently, packaging and shipping duties were speeding up, and as word spread, Butterfly Express landed its big break. Frequent appearances at expos, conferences, and trade shows attracted attention from wholesale distributors, further strengthening the already-blossoming Butterfly Express name.

    Soon, Butterfly Essential Oils and related products were being distributed countrywide. Now, over 30 employees devote their time to continuously expand the fragrant and therapeutic product base. Butterfly Express was recently given the go-ahead for the construction of a brand new three-story facility.

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    Butterfly Oils

    The broad product base and knowledgeable team working at Butterfly Express offer something special for every customer, making it easy for each individual buyer to find an essential oil that’s right for them.

    butterfly express essential oil lavender

    Butterfly Express carries lavender essential oil in 6 different sizes, to suite your specific needs.

    Products sold in the Butterfly Essential Oils range include:

    • Blended and Single Essential Oils
    • Soaps, Rubs and Lotions
    • Hydrosols
    • Carrier Oils
    • Blessed Water
    • Diffusers

    Not sure how Butterfly Essential Oils could enhance your wellness and overall health? Butterfly Express offers classes related to herbs, homeopathic, foot zone, chrysalis, or cranial. These classes can feed your knowledge and aid you in making the right purchasing decision.

    Where to Buy Butterfly Express Oils

    Butterfly Express Essential Oils can be purchased on the company’s website. Free shipping is available on all continental orders in the United States. Simply create an account online, stock up your shopping basket with oils, make the payment, and await delivery!

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