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    what essential oils are good for weight loss, can essential oils help with weight loss

    Essential Oils Weight Loss

    Today, consumers are exploring increasingly healthier and more natural ways to lose weight. Compared to fad diets, over-exercising or diet pills, natural weight management methods may help support long-term weight loss. One of the most recent areas of scientific study, is how to lose weight with essential oils.

    Thanks to advances in essential oil quality, individuals who are looking for natural weight loss products may want to consider using essential oils for weight loss, as they can be great natural remedies for appetite suppression, reducing sugar cravings and offer natural diuretic properties.

    Below, discover the top essential oils for losing weight, plus how to use essential oils for weight loss at home or on the go.

    The Best Essential Oils for Weight loss are:

    1. Coffee Essential Oil
    2. Lemon Essential Oil

    Coffee Essential Oil for Losing Weight

    A 2016 study investigated the health benefits of coffee essential oil and found that green coffee bean extract and coffee essential oil contain chlorogenic acid, a valuable compound believed to have excellent weight control properties. Test subjects were given a high-fat diet for four weeks. An experiment group was also given green coffee bean extract in additional to the controlled diet. At the end of a month, the subjects that received the green coffee extract showed less body weight gain and lesser amounts of white adipose tissues (body fat).

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    Note: While results are promising, further research is required for its effects on human weight loss. Essential oils should not be ingested unless you are under direct supervision of a health care provider.

    Lemon Essential Oil for Weight Loss

    There are several beneficial qualities of lemon essential oil. A 2003 study found that citrus essential oils, including lemon, may act directly on adipose tissue. Data suggested that levels of adipose tissue were significantly reduced after test subjects inhaled the lemon essential oil. Further research is required to ascertain the effects of aromatherapy for weight loss in humans.

    Below you will find more scientific findings on essential oils and weight loss, particularly essential oils that are good for appetite suppression, relieving water retention and fighting sugar cravings. Supporting weight loss with essential oils may be a natural alternative to prescriptions and pills.

    Essential Oils for Appetite Suppression

    An important step in weight loss is portion control controlling hunger cravings. Using essential oils for appetite control may be a natural way to cut down on excessive eating or overconsumption. Based upon the latest clinical trials, the following are considered some of the best essential oils for weight loss via appetite suppression.

    The best Essential Oils for Appetite Suppression are:

    1. Bergamot Essential Oil
    2. Citronella Essential Oil
    3. Grapefruit Essential Oil
    4. Lime Essential Oil

    Bergamot Essential Oil For Appetite Suppression and Losing Weight

    If you suffer from the impulse to emotionally eat, bergamot essential oil may be a helpful aid for appetite control. A 2015 study noted that one benefit of bergamot essential oil is its ability to reduce two common indicators of anxiety and stress. Heart rate was reduced by 6% and salivary cortisol levels by 12%. Stress eating can be a serious obstacle in appetite control, and the establishment of anxiety reduction mechanisms may help support weight loss.

    Citronella Essential Oil For Suppressing Appetite

    In a 2015 study, scientists examined citronella essential oil for its natural appetite suppressant properties. A high-fat diet was administered to test subjects in two different groups. While the control group received the prescribed diet, the experiment group received the high-fat diet plus inhalation of citronella essential oil. Researchers noted that test subjects in the experimental group consumed less food than the control group, indicating citronella essential oil may be a useful essential oil appetite suppressant.1

    Note: While results are promising, further research is required for its effects on human weight loss. Essential oils should not be ingested unless you are under direct supervision of a health care provider.

    Grapefruit Essential Oil for Feeling Full

    One of the benefits of grapefruit essential oil is its ability to act as a natural, appetite suppressant. In a 2005 study, researchers investigated grapefruit oil for weight loss via inhalation. Test subjects were administered grapefruit oil by inhalation 3 times a week, in 15 minute sessions. Data suggests the subjects experienced less feelings of hunger and as a result, consumed less food.

    A separate 2003 study found that when test subjects that inhaled citrus aromas, such as lemon and grapefruit essential oil, weight loss and reduced levels of adipose tissue were noted.

    For users wondering how to use grapefruit essential oil for weight loss at home, try adding 3-4 drops of grapefruit essential oil to a diffuser. For a more complex aroma, try combining grapefruit and lemon essential oils for weight loss and to help reduce hunger cravings.

    Lime Essential Oil for Appetite Suppression

    A 2010 study discovered that one valuable benefit of lime essential oil is appetite suppression. The antihistamine ketotifen has been known to cause side effects such as increased food intake as well as weight gain. In an animal model, scientists administered ketotifen to test subjects and lime essential oil to one experiment group.

    Results indicate that while both groups were given the antihistamine, test subjects in the experiment group did not gain weight. Scientists concluded that with further research, using lime essential oil for weight loss potential as a treatment for obesity and weight regulation.

    Note: While results are promising, further research is required for its effects on human weight loss. Essential oils should not be ingested unless you are under direct supervision of a health care provider.

    Diuretic Essential Oils

    Fluid retention, often referred to as water weight, contributes to an individual’s overall body weight. Using natural diuretics, such as essential oils for water retention, may help reduce fluid retention throughout the body and support weight loss goals.

    Fennel Essential Oil to Promote Weight Loss

    The fennel plant has traditionally been used as a diuretic, to help increase the excretion of water from the body. As one of the most common essential oils for fluid retention, fennel essential oil’s properties were examined in a 2014 clinical trial. Test subjects were injected with the aqueous extract of fennel seed.

    When compared to placebo injections, subjects that received the fennel extract displayed markers of improved kidney function. Diuretics signal your kidneys to release increased amounts of sodium into your urine to help eliminate sodium from the body.6 High levels of sodium may contribute to the development of kidney diseases over time.7 More research is necessary before these exact results can be duplicated in humans.

    Essential Oils for Sugar Cravings and Weightloss

    Excess consumption of sugar over prolonged periods can lead to tooth decay, increased risk of weight gain and often reflects a poor diet.2 With an increase in processed and sweetened foods in grocery stores today, helping control sugar cravings is the first step to reducing sugar intake.

    Cinnamon Essential Oil for Sugar Cravings

    Among the many benefits of cinnamon bark essential oil, weight loss through the control of sugar cravings is one that is gaining popularity. In a 2006 study, scientists administered cinnamon extract to animal subjects with Type 2 diabetes. Subjects who received the cinnamon extract showed significantly lower blood glucose levels.3 Regulating blood glucose can help curb the cycle of sugar cravings, which involve consumption, crash, and then new cravings.4 

    Geranium Essential Oil to Help Fight Sugar Cravings and Weightloss

    While many users enjoy the rosy scent of geranium, weight loss and sugar craving control are some of the latest geranium essential oil benefits to be investigated by researchers.

    Traditionally used in Tunisian folk medicine asreatment for hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), scientists tested this traditional claim in a 2012 study. Researchers compared the hypoglycemic (blood sugar-lowering) qualities of geranium essential oil with a standard diabetes drug, glibenclamide. Test subjects were administered either geranium essential oil or glibenclamide. At higher doses, geranium essential oil was shown to be more successful than glibenclamide at reducing blood sugar levels.5

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