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    Healing Solutions

    Healing Solutions is a direct-to-consumer essential oil company located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Healing Solutions is committed to providing high quality essential oils to customers at affordable prices. Today, Healing Solutions offers over 130 pure essential oils, as well as 27 essential oil blends, which are designed for a specific purpose, such as promoting mental alertness or sore muscle relief.

    Essential oils from Healing Solutions come with a ‘Purity Guarantee’ which states that all essential oils are 100% pure, high quality and free of any adulterants. Healing Solutions employs two separate laboratories to perform gas chromatography (GC) and mass spectrometry (MS) tests on all batches of essential oils before they are sold. The GC/MS tests ensure the oil’s purity, identity and that it is free of any potential impurities.

    healing solutions essentials oil company

    Healing Solutions Sinus Relief features six essential oils including Breathe, Health Shield, lavender, lemon, Head Ease and peppermint.

    GC/MS test results for 14 of the best-selling Healing Solutions single essential oils are published on the company’s website. Reports are available for cedarwoodlavenderylang ylang and lemongrass and 10 other top-selling oils.

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    Healing Solutions essential oils and blends come in a variety of sizes. The single essential oils can be purchased in 0.16 oz. (5 ml), 0.33 oz. (10 ml), 1 oz. (30 ml), or 2 oz. (60 ml) containers, while the Healing Solutions blends can be purchased in 0.33 oz., 1 oz., or 2 oz. sizes. Essential oils are packaged in glass containers with dropper caps to ensure freshness and easy application.

    The company also offers two dozen essential oil sets—packages of multiple 10 ml bottles of essential oils or blends. The sets have anywhere from two (the frankincense and myrrh combo) to 64 (Advanced Aromatherapy Top 64 set) products. Many sets are designed to serve a particular purpose, such as the ‘Sinus Relief, Cough and Cold’ set, or the ‘Love and Passion’ set.

    Where to Buy Healing Solutions Essential Oils

    Healing Solutions essential oils can be purchased exclusively online through the company website or Amazon Storefront.

    For easy online shopping, customers can browse the Healing Solutions Amazon storefront which features their most popular single oils, blends, kits and bulk essential oil sets. The Amazon storefront offers convenient shipping options for customers worldwide, and select orders may be eligible for free shipping.

    On the Healing Solutions website, products organized by mood or intended use. When shopping by mood, essential oils fall into four categories: relaxation, energy, balance, and cheerful. Products organized by use fall into nine categories, including essential oils for skin care, essential oils for the immune system, and essential oils for pain relief.

    Healing Solutions offers free shipping on orders that are $30 or more, and a lifetime refund guarantee on all essential oils. If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with a Healing Solution purchase, customers are encouraged to contact customer service who will try and rectify the issue.

    Customers who sign up for a subscription with Healing Solutions are eligible for a 10% discount on all essential oils. You can also sign up for the Oil of the Month Club, which automatically sends one, two or three new essential oils every month for a fixed price.

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