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heritageessentialoils and Hopewell essential oils

Hopewell Essential Oils – Formerly Heritage Essential Oils

Hopewell Essential Oils is a family-run business located in Elm Mott, Texas. Hopewell Essential Oils originally began business in 1999 as the Heritage General Store, a rural, community-focused business. After five years as a general store, the family became interested in high quality essential oils after customers started to suggest they carry the therapeutic products.

As they learned more, the family began to treat personal health concerns with essential oils. Friends and family requested advice and samples of the most effective blends, and encouraged the family to stock more essential oils.

Soon, the family determined they could source the same high quality oils and decided to offer their own line of essential oils. Named after their general store, Heritage Essential Oils were made to order, and only available in-store.

Hopewell Essential Oils, formerly Heritage Oil

Sage essential oil is one of Hopewell’s most popular essential oils, and comes in several varieties.

In 2008, Heritage Oils tried to expand their business online but soon learned that the name Heritage was unavailable. Wanting to keep the same initials for their business, the proprietors’ eldest son suggested Hopewell.

Hopewell Essential Oils are 100% pure, non-GMO essential oils that pesticide free. Each batch undergoes Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) quality testing to ensure oil purity and authenticity.

Hopewell also carries a large inventory of single essential oils including bergamotmarjoram and tea tree. Popular essential oils such as sagefrankincense or thyme are available in several varieties which may offer unique, therapeutic uses.

Each product information page will include plant origin, method of extraction, key constitutes, instructions on how to use, testimonials and necessary precautions for use on children or pregnant women.

The company also offers an extensive background on the science of essential oils and a comprehensive dilution chart for the safest ratios at which to blend essential oils with carriers.

In addition to single essential oils, Hopewell Essential Oils offers a variety therapeutic blends, hydrosols, carrier oils and diffusers. Customers can also shop their line of self-care products including natural lip balms, soaps and lotions.

The Hopewell Essential Oil website also offers an education section where customers can find recommendations based on health complaints, such as essential oils for allergies, essential oils for canker sores, or essential oils for eczema.

Hopewell Essential Oils runs no advertising, so all business is referred by satisfied, returning customers. Their business is centred in their strong spirituality, which has kept them focused on offering the same level of customer service and community as their general store.

Where to Buy Hopewell Essential Oils

Hopewell Essential Oils can be purchased exclusively from the Hopewell website online. For customers located in the United States, Hopewell offers a convenient, flat rate for domestic shipping.

International customers can also order through the online Hopewell store, and are able to preview estimated shipping costs at the checkout. A variety of payment options are available depending on customer location.