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    Miracle Essential Oils

    Founded in 2015, Miracle Essential Oils is an American, online essential oil retailer. In an effort to help others pursue a more natural and holistic way of life, Miracle Essential Oils produces single essential oils and signature blends to improve physical or mental well-being.

    Using sustainable methods, Miracle Essential Oils is committed to providing quality products and education on how to use essential oils in everyday life. Each essential oil undergoes Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GS/MS) testing, a form of quality control widely used in the industry. These tests ensure the oil meets industry profiles and are free from impurities.

    Miracle Essential Oils Company

    Each Miracle essential oil goes through six, rigorous quality tests to ensure oil purity, authenticity and safety.

    Essential oils also undergo optical rotation, specific gravity, and refractive index testing, which help determine authenticity and purity. The essential oil blends are crafted by aromatherapy specialists, including a chief perfumer with over 30 years of experience. Miracle Essential Oils is committed to supporting family-owned businesses and farmers, and stand by the belief that “Essential oils are truly an essential part of life.”

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    Miracle Essential Oils sells a broad range of single oils, customized signature blends, accessories and complete essential oil collections. Their signature blends catalogue includes essential oils that are specifically designed to help users achieve a certain feeling or mental state. Popular signature blends include ‘Bliss, which is said to transport users to a more carefree state of mind and ‘Focus’, which is said to help clear distractions and aid work efficiency. Miracle signature blends also offer support for improved sleep quality, memory, motivation, and immunity.

    Miracle Essential Oils offers a diverse inventory of single essential oils such as eucalyptus, which can be used for its energy inducing qualities, or black pepper which is said to aid with a variety of dietary issues. Other popular, single essential oils are lemon (known for mood enhancing and cleansing properties), peppermint (to aid with aches and pains), geranium (known for it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties) and copaiba, which provides antioxidant and antimicrobial benefits.

    Miracle Essential Oils also offers aromatherapy accessories such as the Miracle Ultrasonic Diffuser, which is recommended for using with all Miracle products and can be placed in any indoor space. Diffuser jewelry, such as bracelets and necklaces can also be purchased. These unique pieces are set with lava rock which absorbs the oils, allowing you to carry your essential oil on the go.

    Where to Buy Miracle Essential Oils

    All Miracle Essential Oils are exclusively sold online. Users can purchase Miracle Essential Oils through their website or their Amazon storefront, which offers easy, no-hassle shipping to customers worldwide.

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